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Why should your sport club come to Freestyle Kolbenka?


According to many studies, trampoline jumping is one of the healthiest form of exercise. Besides the important support of your overall physical condition, it develops an enthusiastic spirit.


Children love trampoline jumping and will approach their training with positivity. At the same time, they will expand their physical abilities and take it as a reward.


You will improve their coordination a orientation in space. Core muscles are among the most excercised when jumping.


Trampolines are a great form of compensation. Jumping provides dynamic stretching, increase in flexibility and VO2 max increase.


When jumping on a trampoline, your joints are strained 8 times less than during any activity on hard ground. It also helps to increase bone density.


We will be glad to help you prepare a long term training plan as well as a one-time event.

We have prepared dozens of sport clubs events.

Our children really had fun at your place. I heard positive feedback from the coaches and from the kids as well. I also came to have a peek at the event to have the chance to see all of the kids having fun. Thank you very much for everything you've done to make the event great.

Thank you all for awesome acceptance, patience and for essentially everything you've done for us. If nobody tries to build a similar place in southern bohemia, we will always be happy to return!

Thank you Kolbenka for an amazing experience for our dancers. Trampolines, jumping into foampit, freestyle and chill zone. We tried all of this with our children and now we feel like professional athletes. Thank you :)

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Free time club Štěpánka Kejsřová
Promodance Petra Strašíková